DELTA UPDATE: January 14th

Hey Fishermen,

We had some good fishing the last 3 days. Even though the tides were not ideal the fish bit well. The first day we landed 14 sturgeon. They were all shakers except 1 nice keeper (see photo). The next day we landed only 4 shakers. There is a lesson here. A friend of mine did very well the day before near Grizzly Bay. So I ran up towards Grizzly Bay for the morning ebb tide. I ran over a lot fish between the Benicia Bridge and Buoy 2, the same area we had all the action the day before. The lesson, do not leave fish to find fish! I ran back down to the bridge for the first 2 hours of the flood tide and that is when we landed the 4 shakers. Yesterday, we fished the whole day between the Benicia Bridge and Buoy 2, lesson learned. I had 2 gentlemen from Africa, 1 gentleman from Pennsylvania, 1 gentleman from San Francisco and a lady from Menlo Park. Yes, we did miss some good bites but we landed 6 sturgeon, 5 shakers with two very close (38 in. and 39 in). Actually, we landed 5 as the 6th sturgeon was around 7 feet long. We were only allowed to take photos of it in the water and then had to release the fish (see photo). The gentleman from San Francisco hooked the big one and the two gentlemen from Africa each had a turn at it. The battle went on for about 45 min and tangled 3 other lines in the process. The fish was on fire and it was quite the experience. Our best bait was eel and eel grass shrimp combo. We fished in 35 to 45 feet of water. The weather all three days was absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the photos!

Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sport Fishing

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